pleasantly surprised

24 julio, 2017


I’ve recently received something really surprising, you’ll love that stuff! Please take a look continue reading

Luis Lecumberri

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many beautiful things

23 julio, 2017

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Why is India drilling deep into an earthquake hotspot?

19 julio, 2017


The site is Gothane, a table-top 3,051ft (930m)-high mountain in the western state of Maharashtra, view message

My Best, Luis Lecumberri

From: cemu865doga [mailto:]
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017 11:53 PM
To: luis.lecumberri@yahoo.es
Subject: “Fuck you”

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to how the Bible suggests you should live your life.

Tellingly, there are no stories where God blesses his people for being passive. He blesses the hell out of them when they are absolute tyrants, though. Piss off one of God’s people, and people die, famines arise, and entire city populations find their buildings caving in on them.

An Eye For An Eye is merely one of many cherry picked concepts in a bible filled with stories demonstrating its own antithesis.

Example: the biblical punishment for children who make fun of an elder for being bald is a deadly bear attack. The punishment for Eve’s lie is that humans forever more must also be punished. Not as even-handed as “eye for an eye” assumes, and it certainly isn’t letting them slap the other cheek.

God *is* confused. And anyone who cherry picks from “his words” is bound to be confused and left unenlightened. In the bible, every ethic and command is accompanied by its own antithesis. It is bunk.


✉Why cell service still stinks in the year 2017

16 julio, 2017


I’ve rarely heard anyone say they’re happy with their cell service, myself included. If you’re view message

Sent from a prehistoric stone tablet, Luis Lecumberri

From: cemu865doga [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2017 1:19 AM
To: luis.lecumberri@yahoo.es
Subject: *BUT MY BODY*

My name choices usually decide how I will end up playing the character. My female mage Inquisitor is Maia Trevelyan, means “great or mother” in Greek. Seems fitting for a caring Inquisitor that always puts the needs of the men and women following her first. My female mage from DA2 was Lara Hawke, because it sounded cool and I envisioned her as a sarcastic archaeologist-explorer. Upon reflection, rogue probably would have been more fitting. Alas.


✈shock and amazement

12 julio, 2017


I was amazed by that shocking article I’ve recently read, please read it and tell me your opinion open message

Sincerely yours, Luis Lecumberri

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that’s surprised me a lot

29 mayo, 2017

Hi friend!

I’ve read something interesting recently, so I decided to show it to you. It is something really surprising, please take a look read more

Looking forward, Luis Lecumberri

From: cemu865doga [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, May 29, 2017 5:44 PM
To: luis.lecumberri@yahoo.es
Subject: Holy fuck

The game doesn’t seem to have a way to reset after it ends, so I made a bookmarklet so you don’t have to refresh the page:


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❣something really amazing

22 mayo, 2017


I’ve just found some stuff that is really amazing, please take a look and tell me your thoughts http://save.professionalabatementservices.com

Luis Lecumberri

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