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22 mayo, 2017


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great adventure

17 mayo, 2017


Me and my family have had a great adventure recently, please read about it here open link

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15 mayo, 2017


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3 mayo, 2017


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From: cemu865doga [mailto:]
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Subject: Nice literal homophobia.

I love Tomlin but he is not beyond reproach. He is a bad at clock management and the team seems to have an issue playing down to teams. All in all though I’m quite happy with Tomlin.

One thing that I want to note however, is that Tomlin did not inherit Cowher’s team – at least not anymore than any other coach inherits a team. People forget that the team that Cowher left had just gone 8-8. Guys like Bettis, Porter, Hope, Hartings, Von Oehlhofen, Randle El, and Kreider were gone. Also, he made a freaking super bowl 4 years later again!

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☂Re: just a note

29 abril, 2017


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17 marzo, 2017


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need help

9 septiembre, 2016


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