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The strategies I’m about to outline for you

28 agosto, 2017

What I will never promise on this site is that affiliate marketing can lead to some sort of get-rich-quick millionaire lifestyle. Some people do indeed earn millions with affiliate marketing.

I earn 5 figures monthly (6 figures yearly), so I’m not doing too shabby myself, but this has taken me YEARS to grow.

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💵A list of more than 500 article ideas

28 agosto, 2017

Before I start any new website, I create a list of 3 niche topics I can choose from. All of those niche topics are topics I am passionate about or really want to learn more about.

With those 3 niche ideas, I perform what is called keyword research so that I can create a list of a MINIMUM of 100 article ideas in a spreadsheet.

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hey! better than ever

17 agosto, 2017


I feel wonderful, just much better than ever and all that because of a great book I’ve read recently! You may also read it here open link

Wishes, Luis Lecumberri

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Subject: How can Annie reverse?

The body has been corrupted by the sin of the garden. We see it all the time with birth defects, illness, disorders.

The soul, on the other hand, is made by the hand of God.

If someone says that their body came out wrong and in their soul they are actually a woman, then the soul is the one I’m going to assume is correct.

They say our bodies will be restored in the kingdom. People who were paralyzed will be able to walk. People who were blind will be able to see. I imagine transpeople will have their correct body finally.

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