✉Why cell service still stinks in the year 2017

16 julio, 2017


I’ve rarely heard anyone say they’re happy with their cell service, myself included. If you’re view message

Sent from a prehistoric stone tablet, Luis Lecumberri

From: cemu865doga [mailto:]
Sent: Sunday, July 16, 2017 1:19 AM
To: luis.lecumberri@yahoo.es
Subject: *BUT MY BODY*

My name choices usually decide how I will end up playing the character. My female mage Inquisitor is Maia Trevelyan, means “great or mother” in Greek. Seems fitting for a caring Inquisitor that always puts the needs of the men and women following her first. My female mage from DA2 was Lara Hawke, because it sounded cool and I envisioned her as a sarcastic archaeologist-explorer. Upon reflection, rogue probably would have been more fitting. Alas.



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